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WOOCS 2.2.1


  • Sale -29%
    12400 руб. 8900 руб.

    A minimalistic set for a demanding soul. A pair of earrings and 2 rings from sterling silver and our porcelain stones will serve you well. You can choose white or black porcelain.

  • 12800 руб. 9500 руб.

    A set of geometric earring + minimalistic necklace + sharp midi-rind will bring your look to the next level. Every piece is hand-made from silver 925 and porcelain.

  • 11600 руб. 8150 руб.

    Ungrade you look with elegance and lightness with a coule of geometric rings and a necklace. This is sterling silver and our signature porcelain stones.

  • 11600 руб. 8100 руб.

    Be strong and stylish this season with our special set. A necklace and a pair of earrings will serve you well. Handmade silver and porcelain, as usual.

  • 10900 руб. 7900 руб.

    Mild designs of earrings with porfelain stones and an elegant necklace together forms a truly universal set. A perfect present for those who love a peculiar design.

  • 10900 руб. 7900 руб.

    A stunning set for a special case. A pair of our signature earrings and a midi-ring made by hands from silver and porcelain in our Balinese studio.

  • 12595 руб. 8900 руб.

    A unity of sharp engles and clear lines results in a unique set of 2 rings and a necklace. from silver 925 and porcelain.

  • 13500 руб. 9900 руб.

    The sharp geometric character of this set is based on triangular soul of AVA. 2 midi-rings and a necklace from stelring silver and white porcelain stones will tell you their story.

  • Sale -31%
    10800 руб. 7500 руб.

    A perfect present for the one who prefers an elegant design. This combination includes 2 geometric rings that perfectly fit our necklace. Every piece is hand-made from silver 925 and porcelain.