Materials & Care


Spanish porcelain pieces, found within the collection by Ceramicbyava, have been designed and crafted by Bali-based Victoria Afanaseva.The production process reintroduces age old and almost forgotten traditional practices combined with high quality modern day standards. We have developed plaster cast moulds for the porcelain figures which are heated to exact temperatures in the kiln – some as many as three times over. The figures, if necessary are then all hand painted. This is brief outline of the complicated and often mysterious process of the traditional porcelain craft.

There maybe differences in our figures, even across the same style, this just shows the uniqueness of each piece and no two items are ever the same which also demonstrates the authenticity of our handcrafted work.

Our porcelain pieces are combined with carefully sourced and high quality sterling silver 925 or 18K gold plate and all of the figures are meticulously assembled in our studio here in Bali. Qualified eyes and hands carefully check each Ceramicbyava creation, always referring to an essential quality standards.


To avoid corrosion and tarnish it’s better to remove silver jewelry when doing household chores. Direct sunlight also causes silver to tarnish, so be sure to take off your silver jewelry before you go swimming and sunbathing. Sport activities and complex manual tasks are also performed better without jewelry pieces.

To clean your silver or gold plated ceramic jewellery use some soap and warm water. Dry it with a cloth and avoid drying it with a paper, because it can cause scratches on a silver or gold plated material.