The Indonesian island of Bali is full of miracles. It’s hard to explain, but one can feel it right when you get here. There’s a unique source of energy, especially when you move a bit further from the main touristic destinations.

The traditional religion here is Hindu. Quite a number of religious ceremonies are held several times a day in the numerous temples or just outside in the streets. That is why every place in Bali is fulfilled with a mystery. Balinese citizens praise volcanos and the ocean and their gods and demons are closely connected with the nature.

The inner driving force of a human sometimes can be turned off in the vanity of a big city. But after coming to Bali this motivation switches on to full power, while being nourished by the hidden sources of the island. This is particular relevant to the artistic energy. That is why the island unites so many artists from all around the world. It simply inspires creativity.

Today I’d like to tell you the story of several free artists, that live and perform here.

Aleph Geddis

He was born in the island of Orcas in the North-West of Pacific Ocean. Thanks to his father-in-law, a carpenter and a creator of wooden boats, Aleph loved to carve wood since his childhood. Today his sculptures wear simple and elegant forms. He names his works as “Geometric Totems” indues them with a sacred meaning.

instagram: @alephgeddis

Falco Ara Macao

Falco Ara Macao – this is a pseudonym of a Croatia-born free artist Nikola Vuchize. For the last 15 years he took on an endless journey wishing to visit the most beautiful places in the world and in an attempt to understand the real relationship between man and nature. He creates his own story trying to inspire others to freely express themselves.  He says, “The goal of a traveller is to find, to capture and to leave without a trace… we all are here on a short ride.”

instagram: @falcoara

Gleb Solncev

A painter and illustrator Gleb Solncev came to Bali for his holidays, but at the end he stayed here for years. He went to the northern part of the island with no internet and almost no people seeking privacy and tranquil. As a result a series of paints were created. The artist tried to understand the role nature and elements in people’s lives. “How do we treat our roots”

instagram: @solntsev

Victoria Afanaseva

Victoria Afanaseva moved to Bali with a decent design and architectural background. She creates hand-made fine jewellery with ceramic pieces. Every porcelain stone is absolutely unique as well as the finished jewellery itself. Victoria travels a lot, collects impressions and returns to Bali to create these experiences in a deeply meaningful form.

instagram: @ceramicbyava