What do you feel when you see the ocean waves breaking on the shore?

And what about the sunset lights that picture the sharp lines of the mountains?

I feel the harmony with the world around. The island of Bali has become my special source of creativity. A certain place where the unity with nature fulfills you with the artistic energy, a place where you want to create something unique. This is the place where my jewelry brand Ceramic by AVA was born.

My passion to geometry has been always with me during 10 years of design education. Every project that I took formed and honed my personal style. The whole concept of my jewelry was formed around triangles – simple and neat, but at the same time fulfilled with the high symbolic value of a geometric figure. You can find triangles in different philosophies and religions in all the cultures in all the times. This is the symbol of harmony and perfection, sun and fire, the very being and spiritual equilibrium.

Even skipping all esoteric issue, there’s still an energy of straight lines, art (aesthetic) and balance. Every piece of my jewelry can be fulfilled with your own story.

I’ve been looking for a certain material to use in my jewelry designs for quite long.

After 2 years of experiments I’ve come across the Spanish porcelain – an ideal material for creating geometric forms with clear shapes (clear lines). It’s so inspiring to work with it, as you control the process with your own hands. Only after the firing you get this very unique porcelain piece.

The unity of ceramic and silver has resulted in creation of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are harmoniously matched not only with each other, but also with your everyday outfit.

Every jewelry is handmade and carries the energy of the sun and a piece of Bali within.

This special character of jewellry from Ceramic by AVA emphasizes your personality, and the geometrical designs adds lightness to your outlook (look).

It’s simply unique, just like you.

Hope you’ll like it.